Full Spectrum Doula | Childbirth Educator | Reflexologist

Even as I child I was fascinated by pregnant women and babies. As I grew older I was amazed with the many wonderful things a human body is capable of doing.

I received wonderful care during my first pregnancy. A few years later when some of my family members had given birth and were relating their stories that I noticed there was something missing. There was no encouragement, or support. They felt they had no choices or say in what happened during their pregnancies or births. They felt very alone and uncertain after having their baby. It was then that I realized that something had to be done about this.

Shortly after, the word Doula appeared almost out of the air and that was all it took. Since then I have devoted my time to helping pregnant people and their partners become empowered and confident parents.

I am a Birth, and Bereavement Doula, Cesarean and VBAC Support Specialist, Childbirth Educator, reflexologist, a mother of two wonderful girls, a wife, and a fitness and outdoors enthusiast living in Burlington. Welcoming a baby into your family offers many incredible learning experiences. I am grateful to be working in a field I feel so passionate about. It is an honour to be invited into such a special and unique time in people's lives to help them have the most rewarding, enriching experience possible. I look forward to helping you make your “Birth Beginnings” a bright and positive one that you will cherish forever.

E-mail me! michelle@birthbeginnings.com